Repair after file corruption

Possible causes are Windows crashes, hardware errors and mostly virus scanner interference.
UcxLog then no longer starts or with error messages or no longer knows its own call sign or log.

Manual workaround is possible with simple file copying, no installer or uninstallation is required.

UcxLog requires files in 2 directories and a start call; these must be found first.
They were set by yourself during the initial installation and were readable in the menu "Help - Show file locations" when the program was intact.

Entry in the exception list of Windows' own (recommended) virus scanner

Windows symbol in task bar
» Right mouse click

» Settings
» Update & Security
» Windows Security
» Virus & threat protection
» Virus & threat protection settings
» Manage settings
» Exclusions
» Add ... exclusions
+ Add an exclusion
» File ....
» Folder ...